Common Place (2020 - 2022)

This body of work explores the intentions set forth by the park’s chief architect, Frederick L. Olmsted, who wanted Central Park to be a democratic space that allows all New Yorkers to escape the distractions of urban life in Manhattan. Olmsted believed that, by recreating the peacefulness of nature, parks would soothe and restore the human spirit. Never has Olmsted’s vision been more relevant than in modern society. As our experiences become increasingly commodified, public spaces with limited regulations, no entry fees, and, therefore, no class restrictions remain one of our final spaces of refuge.

The project intends to show how people — whether alone, in a couple, or group — utilize public space. Common Place explores the inevitable intersection of the public and private spheres while highlighting the importance of Central Park and how New Yorkers, whether using the expansive landscape to relax, escape or love, continue to find what they need within it. Unlike many modern-day experiences, to enjoy Central Park, no ticket or pass is necessary — it is enough to walk through the gates and give yourself to its embrace.


• Co-published by Pomegranate Press and Guest Editions
• Soft printed cover on Fedrigoni Materica
• Smyth sewn with french flaps
• 203 x 254mm, 72pp, 39 colour plates
• First edition of 500


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